kale salad

photo 1

I bought some really pretty kale. My original plan was to make kale chips for a work event, but then someone asked me to bake, so I made muffins instead. I needed to do something with this kale and I am glad I didn’t end up making chips, because eating it raw preserved the color.

photo 2

Kale Salad

Cut the stems off the kale. If there is a thick rib in the center, slice it out.

Place leaves on top of one another and roll up, 4 to 5 leaves at a time.

Slice the rolled up kale thinly, or julienne

Place the kale in a bowl and drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice.

Place some pine nuts on a skillet and toast on medium heat.

White the pine nuts are toasting, wash your hands and then massage the kale for 2 to 3 minutes. It’s fun.

Sprinkle with salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. Toss and top with the toasted pine nuts.


a new home


We left Denver in October and had been stalking Craigslist for the perfect place for the last six months. Let’s be honest, we were just looking for a place that we could afford that wasn’t a windowless basement in-law apartment. The prices in SF are outrageous. We experienced rude and condescending leasing agents, who treated us like an application, not real people. Laundry, parking, or a yard are impossible to find if you don’t want to spend a bajillion dollars on rent a month. We had all three in Denver and paid less than half of what we are looking at paying here. I was getting warn down, by trying to be one of the cool kids that live in the city. I started looking for some places off the beaten path. James left on a Sunday for New Orleans, for a six week-long project. The day after he left, I went to look at a little cabin by the beach.


Little, as in three hundred fifty  square feet. Four houses from the beach. We had ditched a large portion of our worldly possessions, including one of our cars, before we left Denver. We had been living the last four months out of suitcases and began to realize how little we actually needed to be happy. The less stuff you have, the simpler life is. I’m still learning, though. I am a vintage knick knack lover, avid book collector, and a sentimental junkie, but now everything must have a functional purpose. Though, the less things you have, the nicer things you can have. You just don’t need a lot of them (things). We have parking and laundry.

601043_10101276509287053_1843433097_nAnd this is my backyard now. So, that is awesome.

quinoa fritters

These are so good. I’ve made them a bunch of times since I found the recipe. Unfortunately, I can no longer find the original recipe, but they are so easy to make, you don’t really need one. All you need is quinoa, eggs, and any veggies and seasoning you’d like. I used spinach and mushrooms in this variation. Cook the quinoa and sauté the veggies. Mix everything together with an egg and a bit of salt and pepper, then form patties. Throw them on a skillet with the oil of your choice, over medium-high heat. Cook for several minutes on each side until brown and crispy. Enjoy!

the sun is shining


It’s officially Spring! I love the feeling of new beginnings and rebirth that come with the transition of seasons. The trees are budding, the sun is shining, and life is good. There’s nothing like the Colorado sunshine warming you up on a slightly brisk Spring day.


A few weeks ago I took a weekend trip to NYC to attend Blogshop: a 2-day photoshop boot camp designed focused on blogging. Ever since my good friend Laura, of Sidesaddle Kitchen, raved about participating in the inaugural Blogshop in SF. Bri Emery of designlovefest and Angela Kohler put on a great workshop and I am excited to continue to build upon the skills I picked up there!

love & pancakes

When it comes to pancakes, the men in my life make them best. My grandfather was notorious for his ninja turtle shaped pancakes. It was 1990 and those guys were the coolest. He’d whip up a Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael for his seven hungry grandchildren with one hand tied behind his back. My dad, who undoubtedly learned from his father, was the go-to guy for pancakes on a Saturday morning. He was really good at it and my mom was probably still sleeping anyways.

Now, James has taken on the role of pancake maker extraordinaire. Check out these cute Valentine pancakes he made for me yesterday. I didn’t actually get to eat them since we weren’t together, but he took a picture and pretty much every girl I know fawned over how sweet and romantic he is. What a guy.

long distance boyfriend

James is out of town. A lot. It sucks to be apart, but I really see it as having the best of both worlds. I enjoy being alone and often get anxious when I go a significant period of time without having a night by myself in my house. I get all the freedom and independence of living alone, but then I have this amazing companion that I get to share my life with. 50% of the time at least.

Over the past couple of months James has been gone for 2 to 3 weeks at a time, sometimes only have a few days at home in between. I joke that he is just my long distance boyfriend that comes to visit for a weekend here and there. We always manage to fill our time together doing as many fun things we can with each other and all of our amazing friends here in Denver.

This past weekend he was home was a non-stop adventure. Seeing old friends in town for SIA, a snowboard date, dancing with the greatest dance crew of all time, parties with photo booths and some of our favorite people. We cooked together in our tiny kitchen for our good friend’s birthday brunch. I made vegan muffins, James made a quiche. We even squeezed in dinner at City o’ City with James’ parents and figured out some of the wedding planning we’ve been putting off.

Back to being a single girl again. Until February 16th.