coney island of the west

eldorado springs, colorado

Some days just feel like summer. Saturday was one of those days. Whether motivated by the dwindling days of July, the past week of temps in the 90s, or the pale shade of my skin, I was determined to spend my Saturday by a pool.

Now, Denver has some nice places to catch a ray (like here or here), but the ultimate Colorado-pool experience is a short trek away, in Eldorado Springs. Natural spring water is pumped into the pool, which is set at the bottom of a canyon and boasts a pretty wicked slide. It may not look like much, but watching it shoot people across the pool is pretty entertaining.

the view from my towel

Apparently, when the establishment opened in 1905 it was considered “Coney Island of the West”. Not sure where the similarities lie between the two locales, but I’m gonna go with it.

3 thoughts on “coney island of the west

  1. I would think that the establishment where we spent the second half of our summer day, Lakeside Amusement Park, would be deemed “the coney island of the west”…

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