on the road

loves and corn. nebraska, usa

wind farms. iowa, usa

concrete and clouds. illinois, usa.

mais sucre. quebec, canada

champlain sunset, in the distance. vermont, usa

Last week, I was co-pilot for my best buddy, ELJ, as she packed up the last eight years of her life and moved from Denver to NYC. We turned this bittersweet time into an awesome adventure shared by two friends. We laughed, we cried, we sang songs and listened to audiobooks. We ate loads of potato-based products and drank iced coffees and diet cokes until our blatters exploded. We made it in record time, leaving Denver on Sunday morning and arriving in Vermont (ok, I know this is not NYC, but it is where the car is going to be living from now on) at 4 am on Tuesday morning. We had a nice rest at the Days Inn in Peoria, Illinois for about 7 hours and took in the scenes at several rest stops and the oh-so-awesome east coast “Travel Centers”, but we had our eyes on the prize.

Once the road-trip ended, our girl-trip was far from over. I spent the next few days being spoiled by the ever so lovely Pat Waterman (EJ’s mama) at their beautiful Vermont home on Lake Champlain. We even went to Canada to spend the day in Montreal. Set in the middle of French-Canadian farm country, it’s like a little piece of Europe in the northeast…I loved it! I was a Canadian virgin, and I was pretty excited that I got to spend my summer this year on all most of North America…Mexico, US, and Canada. The trip ended with a delicious lunch at Stone Soup, which I highly recommend if you are ever in the Burlington, VT area, and massages at Aveda courtesy of Mrs. Waterman.

Not a bad way to end my summer. Back to reality….tomorrow!!!!

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