vegan + baking = vaking.

my sous chef, James.
strawberry banana scones

If you’ve spent anytime around me in the last several years, especially any holiday time, you have probably tasted some of my sweet confections. It gives me a warm feeling on the inside to see my loved ones stuffing there faces with my treats while saying oooohh…mmmmm….yummy…you have to give me this recipe! I’m not gonna lie though; most of those little tasties are filled with sugar, butter, white flour, and pretty much no nutritional value.

Last Christmas my mom gave me this wonderful little cookbook written by the owner of a bakery called Babycakes (one location in NYC, one in LA). It is full of all vegan and (mostly) gluten-free recipe that use no refined sugar. Being that I have a good amount of vegan and/or gluten-free people in my life, I have had fun trying some of the book’s recipes. My top pick is the double chocolate chip cookies. I would have to say there are easier to make than the traditional chocolate cookies and are loaded with great ingredients like coconut oil, apple sauce, flax meal etc. So far they’ve been a crowd pleaser, even to my most butter/egg/meat/flour lovin’ friends.

this is my take on a vegan whoopie pie. mmmm….

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