it’s ok.

I have fallen into a hole. My life over the past two weeks has been consumed with work. My brain is overloaded with so much information, infinite to-do lists, copies, lamination, health inspections, moving shelves, rearranging, assessments, inductions, orientations, organizing, agonizing. Communicating in two languages all day, the code-switching has made my brain a little mushy too.

my head is filled with stats.

68% one ethnicity

30% the other

2% all of the others

87% FRL

44% ELL

42% mobility

bureaucracy, bureaucracy, bureaucracy. benchmarks, standards, objectives, growth, budgets. reform, reform, reform!

But seriously, at the end of the day, don’t these faces just make you melt?

I bet you’ll smile when you’re looking at them.

p.s. I have been (self) diagnosed as an emotional eater, and I’m ok with that.

yesterday: grass fed steaks sharing the grill with fresh asparagus and sweet onions. rosemary roasted potatoes and red wine.

this morning: asparagus and onion omelets with fresh avocado, (left over) crisped-up rosemary potatoes. a strong french press.

later today: vegan zuchinni chocolate chips muffics made with spelt flour. this will be the trial run.

tomorrow:  portabella burgers and another spelt concoction; (vegan) peach and blackberry cobbler made with local, delicious, colorado, peaches of course! maybe with a little coconut dream (delicious dairy free “ice cream”) on top, or if you’re not a rule follower like me…ben and jerry’s fair trade vanilla bean.

I feel so much better now.

Off to spend my Saturday getting work done, but tomorrow: yoga, pool, good company, good food. No thinking about work.

One thought on “it’s ok.

  1. Oh my gosh….can I please come and eat at your house? And yes, the faces did make me smile.

    Hope all is well in the land-o-sara-and-james.


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