mix tape 2010

I used to spend a good amount of time finding new music, falling in love with a new song or band and playing the same album over and over again, on repeat. I loved the discovery of new bands (or old bands) and falling in love with an album as the soundtrack to that particular time period of my life.

In the last few years the time to discover music through the process of research, reading, listening, etc. has eluded me. It seems now that songs find me rather than me finding them and settle into my playlist to be played on repeat when I need a smile. They became my songs.

These were my songs of 2010.

james – camera obscura

when they fight they fight – generationals

kentucky hymm
– paz lechantin

marathon – tennis

i’m on fire – electralane

west coast – coconut records

parentheses – the blow

icarus – white hinterland

round the moon – summer camp

home – edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

daydreaming – dark dark dark

my body’s a zombie for you – dead man’s bones

animal – miike snow

you can have whatever you like – anya marina

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