solo road trip on the 1

Last weekend, James and I drove down to Laguna Beach from San Francisco to spend sometime with his brother/brother’s wife. Originally we planned to drive down Highway 1 and camp for one or two nights along the way. Unfortunately, because of a change of plans we had a few less days, so we decided to drive down Highway 5 (through the middle of CA) and get there as fast as possible. We had an awesome time once we got there and the scenery in Laguna Beach made up for the boring/not so scenic drive.

James ended up having to fly out of Orange County for a work trip, but I still had to drive back up to San Francisco. I didn’t want to take the 5 again, so I thought it would be nice to leave really early in the morning from Laguna and meander my way up the coast, stopping whenever I felt like it to take a picture, jump in the ocean or get an iced coffee. It would have been nice to have a road trip companion, but as someone who values ‘alone time’ immensely, it was a fun and peaceful solo-adventure.

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