sf summer street style

t-shirt - j. crew, jeans - gap, jacket and scarf - borrowed from my sister

You know that Mark Twain quote, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”? It’s so true. The fog rolls in, the wind blows, and all the tourist are forced to buy sweatshirts when they go to see Alcatraz. Because of this, summer style in San Francisco is quite different than most cities. I have always been inspired by the fashions I see others wearing in their everyday lives and would like to start posting about street style. I have already begun to photograph people in Denver, but didn’t get a chance to take anyone’s photos in SF (except for my own, which I feel super awkward about). It can definitely be very chilly, but it can also be super sunny and warm, so layers are essentials. Personally, I don’t mind the cold summer months. But, I guess you could say I’m biased.

sweater - free people, leggings - danskin, shoes - toms, jacket - borrowed from my mom

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