photo app obssessed

Having an iPhone has changed my life. Literally, it has changed the way I go about doing certain tasks of my everyday existence. For example, in the pre-iPhone days, I had to carry both my phone and mediocre digital camera in my bag for everyday photos. Then, I couldn’t use my pictures until I plugged the camera into the computer. From there, if I wanted to edit my photos I could use Photoshop. Now, I have one device that does it all! (Reading back over this I feel super lazy. I mean, think about what it use to take to just see a photograph!) I bow down to all fine art photographers. Now, here is a photo of my cat. It may not be fine art, but she’s so effing cute.

While I still enjoy using my nicer camera frequemtly, I have probably taken about 10 photos with my small digital camera since I got an iPhone in February. My iphone photo library has close to 2000 pictures as of today. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with the different apps (specifically Instagram and Diptic). If anything, my iPhone has given me a new form of creative expression; capturing the small moments of my everyday life (and big moments too).

Lake Tahoe

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Seriously though, isn’t she a beauty?


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