treat delivery

I always enjoy cooking and baking more when I have a special occasion in mind. Most recently, I have made several deliveries of tasty treats to many of the loves in my lives. It’s really a win-win. It warms my heart, and fills their tummies.

Not only do I enjoy preparing the edibles, I love thinking of cute ways to package these delectable deliveries. Who is in need of a treat delivery? I need my next project.


4 thoughts on “treat delivery

  1. when i was in the hospital Sara made these tasty macarons for me. it was great to be able to offer them to all the staff when they came in to car for me. maybe that is why i received such good care.
    it couldn’t hurt !!!!!!!!

  2. […] friends for various occasions; new babies, cross-country bike trips, surgeries, and birthdays (seen here). I had been making a lot of sugary goodies and decided I wanted to make a savory and healthier […]

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