how to talk to little girls

I caught wind of the article How to Talk to Little Girls by Lisa Bloom when it was first published on the Huffington Post in the end of June. One of my teacher friends posted it on Facebook, someone else emailed it to me, and then, Joanna Goddard wrote about it on A Cup of Jo. Like them, I thought it was incredibly eye-opening. I found I was guilty of doing this with my own students when I was a teacher or in many other interactions I’ve had with young children. While telling a little girl “I like your pretty shoes” or “your hair is very cute” may break the ice and help build trust with an uneasy and shy five-year-old girl, it sends the message that appearance is more important than how intelligent, clever, or funny they are (among many other things).

Have you read this article yet? It’s been very powerful for all of the people I’ve passed it on to so far.  I’d love to know your thoughts.

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