lights out

Last night, while there was still a sliver of day light, the power went out on my block. I stayed outside as long as I could, watering my plants, riding my bike to the grocery store to pick up some fruits and veggies, and then just swayed on my porch swing as the sun dipped below the horizon. As it started to get dark and the power had yet to turn back on, I filled the rooms of my tiny apartment with candles, flickering and creating shadows that danced on the walls.

After a hectic week and a great weekend with good people, it was nice to completely disconnect from everything for a little while (James is out of town and my phone was dying too). I had a chance to reflect, with no distractions, on where I was ten years ago and where I am now. Life really does seem to fly by too fast, so it’s nice to have moments likes these. The power turned back on around 9:30, but I didn’t turn the lights back on for the rest of the evening.

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