This week has been a little intense, to say the least. Big changes took place that left me feeling anxious and scared at one moment, then excited and hopeful at others. This morning I had to get up really early for an appointment before work and it was really cold and really dark out. I didn’t want to get out of bed, but then I looked at the blank spot on the wall where I plan to put these two new prints I just ordered from theloveshop on Etsy. I haven’t been buying anything, except for the necessities for the last several months and although I generally experience buyer’s remorse with any purchase, I felt really good about this one.


2 thoughts on “more

  1. . . . and I add to your list of ‘more’ . . .

    more *ITV (in the Vortex) friends and family
    more time spent with ITV friends and family
    more hot springs experiences
    more snow to snowboard in powder
    more allowing and appreciating
    more playful time with those closest to me
    more hiking in gorgeous environments
    more encounters with fabulous adventures (ITV of course 🙂
    more freedom to do whatever I want with no limitations whatsoever
    more flexibility in my body, mind and spirit
    more new habits that support total well-beingness in every way

    * In The Vortex = aligned, connected to who I really am and to all good
    coming my way due to my ‘more imaginings’; where every single thing I’ve desired and chosen to be part of my life already exists in vibrational/energetic reality

    Thanks, Sara, for the idea to define some of my own ‘more’ 🙂

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