long distance boyfriend

James is out of town. A lot. It sucks to be apart, but I really see it as having the best of both worlds. I enjoy being alone and often get anxious when I go a significant period of time without having a night by myself in my house. I get all the freedom and independence of living alone, but then I have this amazing companion that I get to share my life with. 50% of the time at least.

Over the past couple of months James has been gone for 2 to 3 weeks at a time, sometimes only have a few days at home in between. I joke that he is just my long distance boyfriend that comes to visit for a weekend here and there. We always manage to fill our time together doing as many fun things we can with each other and all of our amazing friends here in Denver.

This past weekend he was home was a non-stop adventure. Seeing old friends in town for SIA, a snowboard date, dancing with the greatest dance crew of all time, parties with photo booths and some of our favorite people. We cooked together in our tiny kitchen for our good friend’s birthday brunch. I made vegan muffins, James made a quiche. We even squeezed in dinner at City o’ City with James’ parents and figured out some of the wedding planning we’ve been putting off.

Back to being a single girl again. Until February 16th.

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