love & pancakes

When it comes to pancakes, the men in my life make them best. My grandfather was notorious for his ninja turtle shaped pancakes. It was 1990 and those guys were the coolest. He’d whip up a Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael for his seven hungry grandchildren with one hand tied behind his back. My dad, who undoubtedly learned from his father, was the go-to guy for pancakes on a Saturday morning. He was really good at it and my mom was probably still sleeping anyways.

Now, James has taken on the role of pancake maker extraordinaire. Check out these cute Valentine pancakes he made for me yesterday. I didn’t actually get to eat them since we weren’t together, but he took a picture and pretty much every girl I know fawned over how sweet and romantic he is. What a guy.

4 thoughts on “love & pancakes

  1. Hahaha James definitely scored more points with me too. TMNT pancakes are an important part of some of my best memories. Pancake art = family.

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