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2 thoughts on “contact

  1. Hey Sara! Glad you’ve found my blog! It means I get to have one more friend via the Internet! One more pen pal! It sucks that you’ve had cysts too, it’s a crappy feeling. I’m so glad I didn’t have surgery. I was stressing because I’ve already had my right ovary removed. Phew!

    So you asked what kind of job on looking for? It’s funny you mention the snowboard industry because I’ve been riding for 17 years and the whole reason I originally went into fashion was to end up working for Burton or any other brand! I would love to get in contact with someone you know! Let me know what I can do?

    Thanks so much!


  2. I just finished reading and looking at E V E R Y T H I N G on this blog, Sara. No wonder you got hired so dang fast by the Hipsters —

    Congratulations on an impressive creation here. Keep ‘er comin!

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