a new home


We left Denver in October and had been stalking Craigslist for the perfect place for the last six months. Let’s be honest, we were just looking for a place that we could afford that wasn’t a windowless basement in-law apartment. The prices in SF are outrageous. We experienced rude and condescending leasing agents, who treated us like an application, not real people. Laundry, parking, or a yard are impossible to find if you don’t want to spend a bajillion dollars on rent a month. We had all three in Denver and paid less than half of what we are looking at paying here. I was getting warn down, by trying to be one of the cool kids that live in the city. I started looking for some places off the beaten path. James left on a Sunday for New Orleans, for a six week-long project. The day after he left, I went to look at a little cabin by the beach.


Little, as in three hundred fifty  square feet. Four houses from the beach. We had ditched a large portion of our worldly possessions, including one of our cars, before we left Denver. We had been living the last four months out of suitcases and began to realize how little we actually needed to be happy. The less stuff you have, the simpler life is. I’m still learning, though. I am a vintage knick knack lover, avid book collector, and a sentimental junkie, but now everything must have a functional purpose. Though, the less things you have, the nicer things you can have. You just don’t need a lot of them (things). We have parking and laundry.

601043_10101276509287053_1843433097_nAnd this is my backyard now. So, that is awesome.

5 thoughts on “a new home

  1. Beautiful, Sara. I left a comment on your wordpress. Don’t know if it took or not. Said something like, “waiting for modification”. Anyhoo, what a beautiful place to live! So it’s small, but I think you two have really put a lot of thought into lifestyle, and I applaud your choice. What you’ve done reminds me of what I did when You and I first got married and moved to Pompano Beach, Fl. Most of what was available was condos back off the water. Well, before caving in to the “basement level with no windows” crowd, I went the extra mile and found our first home, a little bungalow about the size of yours on its own piece of land, single unit dwelling, complete with its own shuffle-board court! And two palm trees. And it was all of a block and a half from the ocean! So you see why I’m so happy for your new home, because like ours did, it will provide a lot of comfort and enjoyment. I am so happy for you.

    I know James is supposed to come home tomorrow, right? Be nice for us to skype sometime over the weekend and you can give us a tour of house.

  2. Having a knack for using words wisely, yes, you have done this with this post, Sara.

    We are so very happy for you and James, having this jewel of a home so close to the beach and the amazing sunsets. Knowing what is truly valuable – yes, you are there!

    We look forward to a visit when you are all ready. Happy reunion to you and James soon!

    BE’ing You,
    xo YouMa 🙂

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